Eliminate Traditional Applications with Data That Thinks

Thought’s blockchain-enabled Fabric fundamentally changes applications by embedding artificial intelligence into every bit of data making it agile, actionable and inherently secure. It might also just save humanity from Skynet!

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By 2025 the global data sphere will grow to 163 Zettabytes

The current computational paradigm is not scalable or intelligent enough to handle this massive influx of information.

Nuances will redefine data and applications altogether.

Thought’s technology infuses every bit of data with AI to create the Nuance. Each Nuance becomes its own agent with the power to take action without the constraints of an application. Nuances completely change the landscape of big data, system integration and artificial intelligence as we know it.

Smart Data

Thought’s revolutionary blockchain fabric enables AI

Thought Fabric is a new, better technology stack. Nuances exist within an infinitely scaleable network that allows each individual bit of artificial intelligence to interact forming an intelligent system. Blockchain technology ensures that every nuance is secure and attributable.

Active Data Transformation Fabric

Thought creates a new, universal intelligence technology

Thought Nuances working within Fabric exist as electronic neurons within a globally distributed brain. Systems that were once incompatible become integrated. Disparate processes and infrastructure become unified, all within a technology platform that’s secure, scalable and natively extensible.


Token Utility

Thought tokens are required to run Nuances on the Thought Fabric. Tokens are earned by owners of Fabric nodes in exchange for the evaluation and routing of Nuances. Tokens will also be awarded for hardware integration development, AI model development and access to data repositories.

Token Utility


Phase 1

Objective One

Show what we can do! Complete the development of a working minimum-viable-product and expand development team.

Objective Two

Ensure our development engine is really moving. Complete the prototype builds of the complete Thought Fabric, Nuance Virtual Machine, and all Node types.

Phase 2

Objective Three

Launch a full Beta release of end user facing interfaces and first set of industry specific concepts and applications. Complete prototype of micro-network interconnectivity, first alpha development of Fabric Node, and first round integration testing.

Objective Four

Complete implementation of developer library and API interface, begin developing advance Nuance behaviors.

Phase 3

Objective Five

Release prototype build of Data marketplace mechanics and interface, complete beta of Nuance Management Interface, and kick off Thought Network Hackathon.

Objective Six

Complete prototype build of Impact rating system.

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